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Understanding the background of Memory foam and its types

NASA developed the first material of memory mattress in 1960. They want to have a soft seat for pilots and travelers. Anyone who goes out for paddling will understand the importance of memory foam mattresses. They have worked for polyurethane polymers that will convert into memory foam. People who had back ulcers mostly used polyurethane polymers for their beds. Now the technology has transformed, and the conversion from polyurethane polymers to memory foam mattress occur. Also, visit to get your best mattress at

Memory foam and polyurethane polymers

The memory foam was discovered in 1950 by adding hydrocarbons, carbons, and water to a mixture of polyurethane material. The substance was obtained by adding certain mixtures to it according to the required density. This substance was used later in the car seats, bike seats, and many more. In new technology memory, the foam mattress is obtained by adding polyol with disinfected water. It acts like a mixture of bread, which suddenly rises then goes back to its original position after some time. Different types of gases are introduced in the mixture, forming bubbles on the mixture, which vary in sizes. After that, a cell-like structure is formed, which allows air to pass through it.

Types of the memory foam mattress

There are many types of memory foam available. Some of them are given below.

Traditional memory foam mattress

The first mattress discovered was named traditional memory foam mattress. It is made up of the above principle. It helps in contouring the body, but it has a significant drawback that it absorbs heat. It made the mattress to become warm and creating a problem for the user.

Open-cell memory foam mattress

The open-cell memory foam mattress has been similar to a traditional mattress, but it has an internal cell-like structure. There are made open cells that allow the air to pass through them, reducing the mattress’s heat. The major disadvantage of the open-cell memory foam mattress was that it was less supportive and lacked thickness or density.

Gel-like memory foam mattress

In this type of mattress, a gel-like substance is present in th open-cell structure of memory foam mattress. It works on the same previous principle and allows air to pass through the memory foam structure’s pores. Most of the manufacturers now introduced copper in memory foam structure, which allows cooling to the consumer.

Eco-friendly memory foam mattress

In this type of memory foam mattress, green substances are introduced in the structure obtained from soy oil or corn oil. They have replaced the petroleum compounds used previously in a memory foam mattress that was not beneficial for the people. One of the most used complaints received by people is they get quickly warmer than the standard mattress. The heat can quickly be added into the structure because they are denser than the most used mattresses. Many improvements are made to solve this issue by introducing a gel-like substance, copper, and open-cell structure.